Please help program TE28F160 C3T by intel

By: joshua - 2005-06-16 15:56:01

Hello people. i have a problem here and need help from an expert. i have a new willem 4.5 eprom programmer and would like to program TE28F160 C3T by intel. before now ive only programmed 29LV160 chips by hynix, atmel, amic etc. but here i face a problem as it seems. i choose device FLASH16bit(LV) -> INTEL28Fx00 -> 28F160 C3T (i place chip in the adapter the same side as any other 29LV160 chip) and try to read to retrive electronic ID but it gives no ID but zero numbers only. how do i program this chip? what am i doing wrong? maybe it needs another adapter than this embedded on 4.5 eprom programmer?please help guys

Re: Please help program TE28F160 C3T by intel

By: EZo - 2005-06-16 17:53:02

16bit flash adapter required, sivava T01+T07