EZOFlash Programmer Assembly kit???

By: koolit - 2007-09-17 04:05:22

I am planning to read and write info on SST39VF1601 and my researched pointed me in this forum. I looked into the EZO+ website and willing to build the programmer as a hobby.

My question is, are there any assembly kit available to build EZOflash programmer? What version, if any?
Could someone here shed some light to a newbie?

I can probably use a perforated PCB but I would prefer a kit and save all the troubles of sourcing the parts in small qty here and there.

As far as the SST39Vf1601 adapter is concerned, I understand I need T01 and T07 from sivava. Is this correct?
Or is there any kit available for adapter TSOP48_D2?

Re: EZOFlash Programmer Assembly kit???

By: wolly - 2007-09-17 08:01:29

i am not aware of ready kits
ezoflash has to be self built
commercial version is availible at http://www.epsilon.com.pl/shop/product_reviews.php/products_id/28?osCsid=0f2d...

Re: EZOFlash Programmer Assembly kit???

By: EZo - 2007-09-17 17:33:34

You have following choices:
1) ezoflash+, adapter tsop48d2, design DIY,   no kits available, cheapest willem programmer version. Details in ezoflash page, programmer supported on willem and ezoflash(russian) forums. Programmer oriented in flash memory programming, a lot of adapters info available. Similar chips SST39VF160 and SST39VF1602 are verified OK.
2) pcb4.5c and adapters T01/T07 from sivava page, comercially available. No detailed info on hardware available. You can find support here, it is limited by users experience only. pcb45c can be replaced to any other willem programmer, kits are available on version w4.1 from willem shop.
3) epsilon UFP6.03 is clone from willem and ezoflash programmers. It has own 16 bit flash adapter. I do not recomend this programmer, it is available comercially, but not supported here at all.

Re: EZOFlash Programmer Assembly kit???

By: koolit - 2007-09-17 23:54:35

Thanks for the input.

I found a PCB5.0 Willem Eprom Programmer which is locally available in US. Do you support this version on this forum? I'll get it together with sivava T01 and T07 if they will do the job for me.

Please advice!

Re: EZOFlash Programmer Assembly kit???

By: koolit - 2007-09-18 14:27:44

Please ignore my previous post.

I just ordered PCB4.5c with TO1 & TO7 adapters from sivava. Just dunno how long it get here.

Thank you for the heads up. You guys are awesome..cheers..