Can't read/write TE28F160 C3B TSOP48 16bit.

By: lkt1827 - 2007-12-09 13:10:28

I use PCB4.5 buy from SIVAVA. And use Willem98D5. the program can't read, Eraser, Blank Check..... I download 098D8. It Eraser and Blank Test OK. But can't Write new BIN file to FLASH.  

Sorry my english very bad.

This Flash is LOCK BIT. I can't unlock it. Use 8/16bit adaptor to unprotect and set it to 28Fx00

I search have 28FxxxJ.exe utilities to unprotect 28Fxxx but can not use it. I don't have EZO device.

Re: Can't read/write TE28F160 C3B TSOP48 16bit.

By: EZo - 2007-12-09 23:12:56

Chip 28Fx00 C3x will always recognized as locked. Any SW command pass this lock. No need on other device selected or utility. My utility works for 28Fxx0 J3 chips only on my device.
You mentioned 0.98d5 applied, in picture I see 0.98d8 and reference to programmer PCB5.0; that's different.
Apply 0.98d5 or 0.97ja (more stable, apply programmer jumpers in pcb3b mode). Are you getting valid ID reply ?