Problems reprogramming BIOS Chips.

By: SaS_59 - 2008-01-31 17:44:46

Hi, I have hit problems trying to reprogram my ASROCK4I65G Bios Chip, W39FV040BF?Z. Programmer is Willem PCB45 from Sivava.
I'm very much a novice but have had some success with other chips so I must be doing something wrong and hope that you may be able to help me! My method is to Read the chip, Erase it, Blank testit then upload the BIOS program, in this case P4i65G(1.40) from the ASROCK site. Screen shows Binary File Loaded so I click on Program Chip. Shows programming chip upto about 24% then I get an ERROR at 0x01F46A Chip =0x19 buffer = 0xDD.
Is this something that I'm doing wrong?
tWp = 6.0 twc = 40.0 but I don't know what these figures refer to. Where are these settings for individual chips published?
Kind regards