no id with sst chips

By: power - 2008-03-24 13:00:12

hi ezo
i have bought an adaptor from sivava and i use t01/t07adaptor in order to programm sst chps likesst39vf1601 and sst39vf 800 iset to 29f00 jumpers but no id with these chips i found another jumper alone
near settings of 29f00 but i don't know how i use it and there is another one which is mentionned open 3v6 please help me about the setting of these adapter and how i set vcc5v or3v3 i have pcb3b+ if possible with picture thanks alot.

Re: no id with sst chips

By: EZo - 2008-03-25 22:55:51

pcb3b+ all jumpers default according guide-picture
DSW12 according picture in SW - 3,5,6,8,10,12 ON
T07 jumpers - according picture 29Fx00; open 3.6V removed;
alone jumper near to 29Fx00 block - connected top pins
Cable between T07 and programmer - note, left pin (CLK) on adapter connected to top pin of pcb3b adress connector.
SW 0.97ja, selected device 16 bit SST39VF160 (for SST39VF1601) or SST39VF800.
Note chip ID will not return chip name for SST39VF1601, it should be 0x00BF Sanyo/SST, 0x234B -
Clean chip pins and check pin location in tsop48 socket. Use magnifier, chip can be softly shifted to fit chip pins below contacts of socket.
Just verified equal chip SST39VF1602 OK with T01/T07 and pcb3b+.