Willem Pcb 4.5 29f032, can´t erase, voltages in

By: Coffeetime - 2008-05-02 13:07:55


I have a problem rewriting a m29f032, better I can 't erase it.

I 'am using a sivava 4.5 with tsop 40b adapter.

I measured the voltage at all pins and it seems to be fine, less the vcc due to usb seems a bit to low 4,65v, vpp is 12,90. A9 2,63 rest 4,09v.
With psu vcc is 5,03 and vpp 12,89. A9 2,89v rest 4,40v.
Is this enough?

I have 3 m29f032 and 2 am29f032. I have written them during the last weeks but I can 't erase them.

I tried 0.97ja in pcb 3.5 mode and used the newest software 98d5 in pcb4.5 mode.

I have testet several psu also the usb power. I can 't imagine that every chip is damaged. Sometimes it passed the blank check and when I tried to write it stops during the writing prcess and says device is not empty.

Thanks in advance for you answers.