Cannot get programmer to be recognized

By: shareef187 - 2008-06-11 00:06:58

Hi there. I will apologize first and foremost when I say I admittedly know next to nothing when it comes to using an external programmer. I simply want to do one thing by following a tutorial, unfortunately I cannot proceed because I cannot even get the programmer recognized with the software (in Windows XP SP2).

First thing's first, I do not know how to determine which programmer I even have. I bought it off of ebay. Here is a link to the auction I won: . If it is relevant at all, the adapter I'm using for the chip that I'm trying to extract information from is a PLCC32 to DIP32 adapter.

The programmer has both a parallel port and USB port, as well as a power input. The programmer only came with the USB and parallel cables, not the power adapter.

The program I am trying to use is the Willem Eprom PCB45(0.98D5). I am using this because it was the latest available on the Sivava website (I tried downloading some software from this site, but couldn't really figure out which one would be the right one to use).

First I tried just plugging in the programmer with the USB cable only, because I figured it would be USB powered. Upon plugging it in, a yellow LED came on. I booted up the software, and attempted to Test Hardware, which resulted in a Hardware Error: Check Power & Connection.

I tried searching for a solution, and what I believe I found was that it's not possible to use the USB for data and power. I also read that most of these programmers will accept a 12V DC + or - current, so I used my universal power adapter to plug it in. Again, the yellow LED came on. I plugged it into my computer using the USB cable again, and got the same error. I was going to try the parallel cable, but my motherboard does not have one (guess they abandoned it on newer motherboards).

That's all the info I can provide. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could offer any advice on this matter. Again, I do apologize for my lack of specific knowledge on using these programmers (although I am fairly well versed in computers in general), and I have to ask that any assistance offered be in the form of a step by step tutorial.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Cannot get programmer to be recognized

By: DL - 2008-06-11 00:47:54


You have one of the dual powered Willem variants.  Check EZo's Willem Gallery to see if you can match yours.  Those programmers only use the USB port for power (you're not the first to think it was a real USB device and, unfortunately, won't be the last).  Dual powered Willem programmers are just USB decorations.  Personally, I wouldn't connect any USB powered Willem programmers to my computer.  They typically draw around 300mA (~500mA if you try to read/program NMOS EPROMS) and are only allowed to draw 100mA; so your port can be damaged.

There haven't been any reports of anyone successfully using a PCI parallel port adapter under any Windows OS.  Apparently you can't change the port address to match one of the three supported by the program.


Re: Cannot get programmer to be recognized

By: shareef187 - 2008-06-11 01:43:41

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I could not find a match in the gallery, so instead I took a picture of mine, and hopefully someone may be able to identify it. Here is is:

Are there drivers to install for these programmers? Would that be why it's not being recognized. I could not find any drivers in my searching.

Edit: I just re-read your post, and realized that you are saying that the USB is for power only, not data. That, and since my mobo does not have a parallel port, I cannot do anything with this PC. Wow... sucks to be me right now. Gotta find someone with a parallel port I can use.

Re: Cannot get programmer to be recognized

By: DL - 2008-06-11 05:21:36


You can look for an old computer with a parallel port; doesn't need to be anything fast.   I'm going to be exchanging the Company laptop I use for the programmers for a new one that doesn't have a parallel port, so I bought an old Gateway laptop just to use with the programmers.   Or you can set up your computer to run Windows or Linux.   Someone reported being able to get a PCI parallel port to work under Wine.

Your programmer looks like one of the "newer" PCB3 variants.   It looks like you have an adjust option on VPP (not that it will do much good); can't make out what type of inductor was used.   (Post a close-up of the upper right corner.)

Can't tell if you need to change a jumper to switch between USB or adapter power, but you should always use an external adapter anyway.   10-12VDC@500mA.

Can't tell if your programmer is compatible with software for PCB4.5C.   (Post a close-up of the area between the two chips just left of the ZIF socket.)


Re: Cannot get programmer to be recognized

By: shareef187 - 2008-06-12 06:35:34

I am pleased to report success! It turns out my laptop has a parallel port on it.

At first I was attempting to use the PCB4.5 software. It would recognize the hardware, so I thought it was fine, but I couldn't get a read from the chip. I thought I may have fried/damaged the chip during the extraction. Thankfully that was not the case. I was able to read the chip using the epr097ja software and extract the data I needed!

Certainly wasn't the easiest task I've ever had to do, but glad it all worked out in the end.