MX25L1605’  and PCB3???

By: one_eye - 2008-07-25 22:29:49

Hi everyone

I finally found time this week to build my PCB3, now im sure the pcb3 is working fine   because I can ‘read write verify’ ‘24c512’ from my Cable tv box and it works perfect once reinstalled into the box and powered up.

My problem is reading a ‘MX25L1605’ which is what I originally built this PCB3 for,
I think this flash chip is new on the market as I struggled to find info on it but eventually found the data sheet.

Can anyone help me with programmer/software setup for this device? ‘MX25L1605’

Ive tried the standard inducter and tried a coil I made myself as near as i could to the instructions from the vpp mod MSXPro posted, also changed the 220pf cap to 1uf and resistor R0.5 to 0.33.


Re: MX25L1605’  and PCB3???

By: one_eye - 2008-08-02 16:57:33

Hey all...

So has anyone any ideas of what software to read this ‘MX25L1605’
ive been trying for a few weeks now with no joy.

my PCB3 programmer is working perfect with SIVAVA tsop adapter flashing INTEL/TOSHIBA/MX flash chips plus many others.

all voltage outputs are fine 12v 21v 25v i just need some software to read the ‘MX25L1605’ ???

ive tried winpic and most other software and they wont detect device, i think winpic can be setup to recognise the chip but i dont know how to edit the device file for my chip.

plzz help