By: one_eye - 2008-08-02 17:30:27

Right then when i purchased my components to build my pcb3 everything was correct except for one component that was giving me low vpp on pin 1 ziff (5v) and the problem was the 0R5 resistor leading to the DC-DC converter,

so i purchased the 0.33R as mentioned in the MSXPro voltage fix, when i got the new resistor the problem was still the same (pin 1 ziff 5v) so i thought it was a bad resistor or the company gave me the wrong resistor,

i purchased 0.33R from a diffrent company and again the problem was still the same.

So what i did was use 0R resistor in place of the 0.33R you can just use a bridge wire which will give same results, the output of the reg is only 5v anyway and to be honest the 0.33R is so fine resitance i really dont think it is worth using a resistor in place of the 0R5 because of all the problems this creates.

ive now done a lot of testing with lots of diffrent flash chips via sivava tsop adapter and the programmer is working perfect vpp 12v 21v 25v are all very stable too which i couldnt get before this 0R mod (with MSXPro fix)

i hope this helps a lot of people with low VPP.

Have fun!