EZoFlash. Parallel memory programmer.

Simplified and based on Willem EPROM programmer schematics and SW.

Programmer EZoFlash support :

  • 8bit , 8/16bit and 16 bit flash memory in TSOP, PSOP, DIP and PLCC packages,
  • EPROM, E(E)PROM and E2PROM parallel memory, FWH/LPC and AT89C51 family,
  • +3.3V and +5.0V Vcc devices,
  • address range to 64Mbit (..A22),
  • +12V driver for programming and temporary sector unprotection,
  • adapters with standard sockets for DIP and PLCC devices,
  • adapters with memory chip soldering or surface mount identical footprint sockets (Meritec, Yamaichi) for TSOP , PSOP and SSOP devices,
  • software commands - get ID, read, verify, erase, blank check and program.
  • Latest version EZoFlash4v5 support serial EEPROM (I2C, Microwire, SPI), SPI Flash, Microchip PIC, Atmel AVR-8bit MCU (ATmega, ATtiny, AT90)
Programmer is very cost effective and suitable for electronic applications (PC BIOS, satellite receivers, DVD update/repair and more...)
EZoFlash is oriented in flash memory programming. More adapters are unique, no functionally equal offered for use with Willem group programmers. Serial memory and PIC microcontrollers are not supported on EZoFlash+4v4.
Common Willem eprom programmers group software is used with EZoFlash. SW versions 0.97ja and 0.97d12c3 for EZoFlash+4v4.
Latest SW version 0.98d12c3 for EZoFlash4v5.
Verified chips on EZoFlash and related info are summarized in chip_test file. EZoFlash users fully reported new verified chip will be added in table.
Visit EZoFlash discussion board to share and find hints and problems in memory chips programming.
EzoFlash and adapters are not commercially available. Doc's are presented in bitmap format and allow to create PCB yourself using photoresist (Positiv20) method at home. There are no files in Protel, PCAD or other design for factory manufacturing.

Latest HW version EZoFlash4v5

Ezoflash parallel memory programmer

high resolution picture1 picture2

EZoFlash+ 4v4

Ezoflash parallel memory programmer

high resolution picture

EzoFlash programmer history.

EZoFlash4v5 (18.05.2010)
- New schematic. Double sided PCB.
Added serial memory and PIC support.
Added modifications for SW 0.97ja and 0.98d2...d11 support.

EZoFlash+ 4v4 (05.11.2003)
- Added pull-up resistors (9 resistor pack and R15) on parallel port D00..D07,
AUTO and SELIN pins. Changes recommended on SW versions 0.97j and latest.

EZoFlash+ 4v3
- Transistor V2 BC557 replaced with BC327. The change required for EPROM 27C..
and DC2DC adapters use. BC327 has Icmax=500mA, BC557- 100mA. No changes in PCB design.

EZoFlash+ 4v2 (05.04.2003)
- Added resistor R14 10k. Voltage may increase >5V on RST/Vpp pin in standby mode due to
high impedance (no load for line V4,D8). Programmer PCB design modified.

EZoFlash+ 4 (16.03.2003)
- Added diod and jumper to reduce flash voltage to +3.0V
- Changed Vpp/Reset management on pin37 (D7,D8,JP4).
- Changed 78L05 to L7805. High Vin, erase or write action on some flash types
may cause thermal overload protection on ezoflash3 regulator 78L05.

EZoFlash+ v3 (16.11.2002), test sample, non-public
- Added diodes and jumpers to reduce flash voltage to +3.6V
- Added +12V regulator and voltage switch
- Added external socket for address A19...A22 support

EZoFlash 2 (20.07.2001)
- My first programmer with tsop32 adapter. Failed satellite CAM problem was solved.
- Support +5V 1-4Mb flash chips without RST and Vpp.