Adapter tsop48d2 and SW 0.97ja provide high/low byte load , word programming and low/high byte read. In programming (OE#=log1) Vpp pulse load (Vpp=high) and latch (Vpp=low) high byte on 74HC573. While read (OE#=log0) Vpp switch high (Vpp=high) and low (Vpp=low) byte.

8/16 bit flash memory works in 16bit mode, BYTE=log1.

Adapter and SW don’t support temporary sector unprotect mode (+12V on RST) for 29LV/29Fxxx chips.
Settings and supported chip list

Willem programmer software version 0.97ja.
Verified chips on mentioned adapter are underlined. Details find in chip_test.xls file
Software may not support some chips, report problem in Willem/EZoFlash forums.

Selected device group
Request Adapter 3.3V, Flash 16bit (LV) > SST39LF/VFx00 >…
- Vcc=3.3V. Jumpers Jp2 (+3.6V), Jp5 (A18), JpB (pin9-A19)
SST SST39LF200A, SST39VF200, SST39VF200A, SST39LF400A, SST39VF400, SST39VF400A, SST39LF800, SST39LF800A, SST39VF800, SST39VF800A, SST39LF160, SST39VF160, SST36VF1601, SST36VF1601C, SST36VF1601E, SST36VF1602C, SST36VF1602E, SST39VF1601, SST39VF1602

Selected device group (16bit, Vpp, boot block)
Request Adapter 3.3V, Flash 16bit (LV) > Intel 28Fx00 > …
- Vcc=3.3V, Vpp=3.3V. Jumpers Jp2 (+3.6V), Jp5 (A18), JpAA (pin9-A21, pin15-A19)
Intel (TE,E) 28F800B3T, 28F800B3B, 28F800C3T, 28F800C3B, 28F160B3T, 28F160B3B, 28F160C3T, 28F160C3B, 28F320B3T, 28F320B3B, 28F320C3T, 28F320C3B, 28F640B3T, 28F640B3B, 28F640C3T, 28F640C3B Macronix MX28F160C3T, MX28F160C3B, MX28F160C3BT, MX28F160C3BB Sharp LH28F400BG(H)E-TL, LH28F400BG(H)E-BL, LH28F800BG(H)E-TL, LH28F800BG(H)E-BL, LH28F160BG(H)E-TTL, LH28F160BG(H)E-BTL, LH28F160BJHE-TTL, LH28F160BJHE-BTL, LH28F320BF(H)E-PTTL, LH28F320BF(H)E-PBTL, LHF00L12, LHF00L13, LHF00L14, LHF00L15, LHF00L28, LHF00L29, LHF00L30, LHF00L31 ST Micro M28W800T, M28W800B, M28W800BT, M28W800BB, M28W800CT, M28W800CB, M28W160T, M28W160B, M28W160BT, M28W160BB, M28W160CT, M28W160CB, M28W160ECT, M28W160ECB, M28W320BT, M28W320BB, M28W320CT, M28W320CB, M28W320EBT, M28W160EBB, M28W320ECT, M28W320ECB, M28W320FCT, M28W320FCB Winbond W28J161T, W28J161B

Selected device group (16bit, boot block)
Request Adapter 3.3V, Flash 16bit (LV) > 29LVx00 >…;
Request Adapter 3.3V, Flash 16bit (LV) > 29Fx00 >…;

- Vcc=5V. Jumpers Jp1, Jp3 (+5V), Jp5 (A18), JpB (pin9-A19)
Atmel AT49F2048, AT49F4096, AT49F8192, AT49F8192T, AT49F1604, AT49F1604T Winbond W49F201
- Vcc=2.7-3.6V. Jumpers Jp2 (+3.6V), Jp5 (A18), JpB (pin9-A19)
Actrans AC39LV800 Atmel AT49LV2048, AT49LV2048B, AT49BV2048, AT49BV2048B, AT49LV4096, AT49BV4096, AT49LV8192, AT49LV8192T, AT49BV8192, AT49BV8192T, AT49LV160, AT49BV160, AT49BV160T, AT49BV160C, AT49BV160CT, AT49BV160D, AT49BV160DT, AT49BV1604A, AT49BV1604AT, AT49LV320, AT49BV320, AT49BV320T, AT49BV320A, AT49BV320AT, AT49BV320C, AT49BV320CT, AT49BV320D, AT49BV320DT Hynix HY29LV320T, HY29LV320B Winbond W49L201, W49L401, W49L401T

Selected device group (8/16bit, boot block)
Request Adapter 3.3V, Flash 16bit (LV) > 29LVx00 >…;
Request Adapter 3.3V, Flash 16bit (LV) > 29Fx00 >…

- Vcc=5V. Jumpers Jp1, Jp3 (+5V), Jp5 (A18), JpB (pin9-A19)
Alliance AS29F200T, AS29F200B AMD AM29F100T, AM29F100B, AM29F200T, AM29F200B, AM29F200AT, AM29F200AB, AM29F200BT, AM29F200BB, AM29F400T, AM29F400B, AM29F400AT, AM29F400AB, AM29F400BT, AM29F400BB, AM29F800T, AM29F800B, AM29F800BT, AM29F800BB, AM29F160DT, AM29F160DB, Amic A29400TV, A29400UV, A29800TV, A29800UV, Atmel AT49F2048A, AT49F4096A, AT49F8192, AT49F8192T, AT49F8192A, AT49F8192AT, AT49F8011, AT49F8011T, AT49F1614, AT49F1614T Bright BM29F400T, BM29F400B EON EN29F800T, EN29F800B Fujitsu (MBM) 29F200T, 29F200B, 29F200TC, 29F200BC, 29F400T, 29F400B, 29F400TA, 29F400BA, 29F400TC, 29F400BC, 29F800T, 29F800B, 29F800TA, 29F800BA, 29F160TE, 29F160BE Hynix HY29F400T, HY29F400B, HY29F400AT, HY29F400AB, HY29F800T, HY29F800B, HY29F800AT, HY29F800AB Macronix MX29F100T, MX29F100B, MX29F200T, MX29F200B, MX29F400T, MX29F400B, MX29F400CT, MX29F400CB, MX29F800T, MX29F800B Mitsubishi M5M29FT800, M5M29FB800, M5M29FT160A, M5M29FB160A Mosel Vitelic V29C51400T, V29C51400B ST Micro M29F100T, M29F100B, M29F100BT, M29F100BB, M29F200T, M29F200B, M29F200BT, M29F200BB, M29F400T, M29F400B, M29F400BT, M29F400BB, M29F800AT, M29F800AB, M29F800DT, M29F800DB, M29F160BT, M29F160BB Texas Instr. TMS29F400T, TMS29F400B Toshiba TC58F400, TC58F401
- Vcc=2.7-3.6V. Jumpers Jp2 (+3.6V), Jp5 (A18), JpB (pin9-A19)
ACTrans AC29LV160T, AC29LV160B, AC29LV320T, AC29LV320B Alliance AS29LV400T, AS29LV400B, AS29LV800T, AS29LV800B, AS29LV160T, AS29LV160B, AMD AM29LV200T, AM29LV200B, AM29LV200BT, AM29LV200BB, AM29LV400T, AM29LV400B, AM29LV400BT, AM29LV400BB, AM29LV800T, AM29LV800B, AM29LV800BT, AM29LV800BB, AM29LV800DT, AM29LV800DB, AM29LV160T, AM29LV160B, AM29LV160BT, AM29LV160BB, AM29LV160DT, AM29LV160DB, AM29LV160MT, AM29LV160MB, AM29LV320DT, AM29LV320DB, AM29LV320MT, AM29LV320MB Amic A29L400TV, A29L400UV, A29L800TV, A29L800UV, A29L160TV, A29L160UV,A29L320T, A29L320U, A29L320AT, A29L320AU Atmel AT49LV2048A, AT49BV2048A, AT49LV4096A, AT49BV4096A, AT49LV8192A, AT49LV8192AT, AT49BV8192A, AT49BV8192AT, AT49LV8011, AT49LV8011T, AT49BV8011, AT49BV8011T, AT49LV161, AT49LV161T, AT49LVBV161, AT49BV161T, AT49LV1614, AT49LV1614T, AT49BV1614, AT49BV1614T, AT49LV1614A, AT49LV1614AT, AT49BV1614A, AT49BV1614AT, AT49BV162A, AT49BV162AT, AT49BV163A, AT49BV163AT, AT49BV163D, AT49BV163DT, AT49LV321, AT49LV321T, AT49BV321, AT49BV321T, AT49LV3218, AT49LV3218T AT49BV3218, AT49BV3218T, AT49BV322A, AT49BV322AT, AT49BV322D, AT49BV322DT EliteMT F49L400UA, F49L400BA EON EN29LV400T, EN29LV400B, EN29LV400T, EN29LV400AB, EN29LV800AT, EN29LV800B, EN29LV800AT, EN29LV800AB, EN29LV800BT, EN29LV800BB, EN29LV160T, EN29LV160B, EN29LV160AT, EN29LV160AB, EN29LV320T, EN29LV320B, EN29LV320AT, EN29LV320AB ESI ES29LV400DT, ES29LV400DB, ES29LV400ET, ES29LV400EB, ES29LV800DT, ES29LV800DB, ES29LV160DT, ES29LV160DB, ES29LV160ET, ES29LV160EB, ES29LV320DT, ES29LV320DB Fujitsu (MBM) 29LV200T, 29LV200B, 29LV200TA, 29LV200BA, 29LV200TC, 29LV200BC, 29LV400T, 29LV400B, 29LV400TA, 29LV400BA, 29LV400TC, 29LV400BC, 29LV800T, 29LV800B, 29LV800TA, 29LV800BA, 29LV800TB, 29LV800BB, 29LV160T, 29LV160B, 29LV160TE, 29LV160BE, 29LV320TE, 29LV320BE, 29PL32TM, 29PL32BM Hynix HY29LV400T, HY29LV400B, HY29LV400AT, HY29LV400AB, HY29LV800T, HY29LV800B, HY29LV800AT, HY29LV800AB, HY29LV160T, HY29LV160B, HY29LV160BT, HY29LV160BB LinkSmart L29S400, L29S400B, L29S800, L29S800B, L29S160, L29S160B Macronix MX29LV400T, MX29LV400B, MX29LV400CT, MX29LV400CB, MX29LV401T, MX29LV401B, MX29LV800T, MX29LV800B, MX29LV800AT, MX29LV800AB, MX29LV800BT, MX29LV800BB, MX29LV800CT, MX29LV800CB, MX29LV160T, MX29LV160B, MX29LV160AT, MX29LV160AB, MX29LV160BT, MX29LV160BB, MX29LV160CT, MX29LV160CB, MX29LV161T, MX29LV161B, MX29LV320T, MX29LV320B, MX29LV320AT, MX29LV320AB, MX29L8100T, MX29L8100B, MX29L1610T, MX29L1610B, MX26LV400T, MX26LV400B, MX26LV800T, MX26LV800B, MX26LV800AT, MX26LV800AB, MX26LV1600T, MX26LV160B, MX26LV160AT, MX26LV160AB Mitsubishi M5M29GT160B, M5M29GB160B Renesas M5M29KT331A, M5M29KB331A Sanyo LE28FV4101T, LE28FW4101T, LE28FU4101T Spansion S29AL004D..-01, S29AL004D..-02, S29AL008D..-01, S29AL008D..-02, S29AL016D..-01, S29AL016D..-02, S29AL016M..-01, S29AL016M..-02, S29AL016M..-R1, S29AL016M..-R2, S29GL016A..-R1, S29GL016A..-R2, S29AL032D..-03, S29AL032..-04, S29GL032A..-R3, S29GL032A..-R4, S29GL032M..-R3, S29GL032M..-R4 ST_Micro M29W200BT, M29W200BB, M29W400T, M29W400B, M29W400BT, M29W400BB, M29W400DT, M29W400DB, M29W800T, M29W800B, M29W800AT, M29W800AB, M29W800DT, M29W800DB, M29W160BT, M29W160BB, M29W160DT, M29W160DB, M29W160ET, M29W160EB, M29W320DT, M29W320DB Texas Instr. TMS29LF800T, TMS29LF800B Toshiba TC58FVT400, TC58FVB400, TC58FVT800, TC58FVB800, TC58FVT160, TC58FVB160, TC58FVT160A, TC58FVB160A Utron UT29L800AT, U29L800AB, UT29L1600AT, UT29L1600AB, UT29L3200AT, UT29L3200AB Winbond W19B320AT, W19B320AB, W19B320ST, W19B320SB, W19L320ST, W19L320SB

Selected device group – 8/16bit, dual bank, boot block
Request Adapter 3.3V, Flash 16bit (LV) > 29LVx00 >…;
Request Adapter 3.3V, Flash 16bit (LV) > 29Fx00 >…

- Vcc=2.7-3.6V. Jumpers Jp2 (+3.6V), Jp5 (A18), JpB (pin9-A19)
AMD AM29DL400BT, AM29DL400BB, AM29DL800BT, AM29DL800BB, AM29DL161DT, AM29DL161DB, AM29DL162DT, AM29DL162DB, AM29DL163DT, AM29DL163DB, AM29DL164DT, AM29DL164DB, AM29DL320GT, AM29DL320GB, AM29DL322DT, AM29DL322DB, AM29DL322GT, AM29DL322GB, AM29DL323CT, AM29DL323CB, AM29DL323DT, AM29DL323DB, AM29DL323GT, AM29DL323GB, AM29DL324DT, AM29DL324DB, AM29DL324GT, AM29DL324GB, Amic A29DL323TV, A29DL323UV, A29DL324TV, A29DL324UV Fujitsu (MBM) 29DL400TC, 29DL400BC, 29DL800TA, 29DL800TB, 29DL161TD, 29DL161BD, 29DL161TE, 29DL161BE, 29DL162TD, 29DL162BD, 29DL162TE, 29DL162BE, 29DL163TD, 29DL163BD, 29DL163TE, 29DL163BE, 29DL164TD, 29DL164BD, 29DL164TE, 29DL164BE, 29DL321TD, 29DL321BD, 29DL322TD, 29DL322BD, 29DL322TE, 29DL322BE, 29DL323TD, 29DL323BD, 29DL323TE, 29DL323BE, 29DL324TD, 29DL324BD, 29DL324TE, 29DL324BE, Hynix HY29DL162T, HY29DL162B, HY29DL163T, HY29DL163B NEC uPD29F032202AL-T, uPD29F032202AL-B, uPD29F032203AL-T, uPD29F032203AL-B, uPD29F032204AL-T, uPD29F032204AL-B Samsung K8D1716UBC, K8D1716UTC, K8D3216UBC, K8D3216UTC Sanyo LE28DW8163, LE28DW1621T, LE28DW3212T ST_Micro M29DW323DT, M29DW323DB, M29DW324DT, M29DW324DB, Toshiba TC58FVT321, TC58FVB321, TC58FVM5T2A, TC58FVM5B2A, TC58FVM5T3A, TC58FVM5B3A Winbond W19B322MT, W19B322MB, W19B323MT, W19B323MB, W19B324MT, W19B324MB

Selected group – 8/16bit, Vpp, boot block
Request Adapter 3.3V, Flash 16bit (LV) > Intel 28Fx00 > …
- Vcc=5V, Vpp=5.0V. Jumpers Jp1, Jp3 (+5V), Jp5 (A18), JpAA (pin9-A21, pin15-A19)
Intel (TE,E) 28F200CVT, 28F200CVB, 28F200B5T, 28F200B5B, 28F400CVT, 28F400CVB, 28F400CET, 28F400CEB, 28F400B5T, 28F400B5B, 28F800CVT, 28F800CVB, 28F800CET, 28F800CEB, 28F800B5T, 28F800B5B ISSI IS28F200BVT, IS28F200BLVT, IS28F200BVB, IS28F200BLVB, IS28F400BVT, IS28F400BLVT, IS28F400BVB, IS28F400BLVB Micron MT28F200B1WG-T, MT28F200B1WG-B, MT28F200B5-T, MT28F200B5-B, MT28F400B1WG-T, MT28F400B1WG-B, MT28F400B5-T, MT28F400B5-B, MT28F800B1WG-T, MT28F800B1WG-B, MT28F800B5-T, MT28F800B5-B Sharp LH28F400BV(H)E-TL, LH28F400BV(H)E-BL, LH28F800BV(H)E-TV, LH28F800BV(H)E-BV Texas Instr. TMS28F200A-T, TMS28F200A-B, TMS28F400A-T, TMS28F400A-B, TMS28F800A-T, TMS28F800A-B, TMS28F1600T, TMS28F1600B Winbond W28V400T, W28V400B
- Vcc=3.3V, Vpp=3.3V. Jumpers Jp2 (+3.6V), Jp5 (A18) , JpAA (pin9-A21, pin15-A19)
Intel (TE,E) 28F400B3T, 28F400B3B Micron MT28F200B3WG-T, MT28F200B3WG-B, MT28F400B3WG-T, MT28F400B3WG-B, MT28F800B3WG-T, MT28F800B3WG-B Sharp LH28F800BJ(H)E-PTTL, LH28F800BJ(H)E-PBTL, LH28F800BV(H)E-TTL, LH28F800BV(H)E-BTL, LH28F160BJ(H)E-T, LH28F160BJ(H)E-B, LH28F160BV(H)E-TTL, LH28F160BV(H)E-BTL, LH28F320BJ(H)E-PT, LH28F320BJ(H)E-PB Winbond W28J800T, W28J800B, W28J160T, W28J160B, W28J320T, W28J320B